What are the best condoms: Top 5 Reviews

Have you been searching for your best fit in condoms and have been finding things to be a little wrong? Welcome to your sunny day as all of those would end today as we introduce you to the best condoms in different categories you may want.  Whether you’re looking for the best condoms for him or simply the best condoms for her, we’ve got you covered. But before we start, why do you really need condoms?

Why You Should Need the Best Condoms

Getting is easy but getting your perfect fit among this is one that requires your attention and understanding to not go wrong. For reasons that include prevention of STDs and unwanted pregnancies, condoms can be very beneficial for both married and unmarried partners. They help a great deal and for a relatively cheap price, they can help provide great protection.

Because of the size and make of these different condoms, many people may find them at times to be uncomfortable or not really that pleasurable during sex, we’ll address those issues that have to do with choosing the best condoms in the next part of this article.

best condoms

How to Choose the Best Condoms

Depending on what you want, certain considerations may have to be made before choosing your very own condom from among the lot on sale. One of the first things you should really consider is the size. While there are regular size condoms for average-sized individuals, there are also those made specifically for individuals with larger or smaller penises.

Thickness is another thing you have to consider. While some prefer very thin condoms, others like it thick. We’ll treat some of these in our review and you can easily find your choice within them.  Also, remember that some condoms such as lambskin condoms do not protect people from STD. while some can also be used with oil-based lubes, some would simply fail in the face of such.

best condoms

Best Condoms Reviews

We’ve conducted a thorough and extensive research and have come up with some of the best condoms in many different scenarios considering many different factors. Sit back and read along with us as we take a trip through some of the best names and products in the markets for your pleasure and protection. We’ll be starting with ladies first and the Trojan Her Pleasure Lubricated Condoms will be our first pick.

Best Condoms for Her: Trojan Her Pleasure Lubricated Condoms

Best Condoms for Her

The Trojan Her Pleasure Lubricated Condoms is one of the most preferred options among ladies. This is down to the unique design of this condom which has been specially ribbed and contoured to make room for extra enjoyment and an enhanced stimulation.  Each condom produced has been electronically tested for reliability and so you do not have to worry about your optimum protection while you have fun.

The Trojan Her Pleasure Lubricated Condoms is made from a durable and quality latex material enhanced with silky-smooth lubrication for increased comfort and sensitivity. For its sensational feel and optimum protection level, the Trojan Her Pleasure Lubricated Condoms is loved by a lot of women for protection during sexual activities.


  • Regular size fits most people perfectly
  • Extra headroom for increased comfort and sensitivity
  • Silky-smooth lubrication for comfort and pleasurable sex
  • Ribbed and contoured to enhance stimulation and enjoyment


  • Some may find it a little thick

Best Condoms for Him: LifeStyles SKYN Selection Condoms

 Best Condoms for Him

This LifeStyles SKYN Selection Condoms is one of the best-selling condoms for one or two reasons that have appealed to and gained the admiration of the male folks. It has been designed to conform to the individual shape of users and is known to help with stimulation of the most sensitive areas while providing intense deep studs in a wave-like pattern. This generates more pleasure for her and for these reasons, it has become one of the best condoms for him.

The non-latex condom features a silky-smooth lubricant that lasts 40% longer than many others and helps to enhance the sexual experience. The LifeStyles SKYN Selection Condoms have been individually tested electronically to conform to the highest standards of safety and reliability so you don’t have to worry as it provides optimum protection.


  • Long-lasting silky-smooth lubrication
  • Enhances pleasure and stimulation
  • Comes in a regular size that fits most people
  • Electronically tested for safety and reliability
  • Non-latex condoms suitable for use with oil-based lubes


  • Although very few, some people still had issues with the smell

Best Thin Condoms to Buy: Okamoto Crown Skinless Skin

Best Thin Condoms to Buy
The Okamoto brand of condoms is known for their reliability and value. The Japanese brand is one of the industry leaders with many great products. It would interest you to know that this Okamoto Crown Skinless Skin condom is a 15th-time winner of the best condom. It is one of the best thin condoms to buy and it’s super-thin size makes it great for pleasure as it feels like you aren’t really having anything on.

The head width, shaft width, and base width all comes in at 2.08 inches. The length of the condom is 7.08 inches and the thickness is 0.0185 inch. These condoms have been around for a while and are the favorite of a lot of people all over the world.


  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Super-thin size makes it feel very natural
  • Lubricated to enhance pleasure and stimulation
  • Barely smells


  • Average sizing may be unfit for people with well-endowed penises

Best Flavored Condoms: One Flavor Waves Assorted Flavored Condoms

Best Flavored Condoms

Flavored condoms are great for a wide variety of reasons. They will ultimately help to make oral sex more comfortable and pleasurable for people who may see it as uncomfortable and disgusting. The flavor will also help to tackle issues of odors that may be a problem for some ladies. The flavors smell like real-life flavors and may come in different types.

This particular One Flavor Waves Assorted Flavored Condoms comes in 6 different flavors that include bubblegum, mint chocolate, island punch, banana split, fresh mint and chocolate strawberry. It is additionally lubricated to further enhance sexual pleasure making it one of the most loved among the best flavored condoms available today.


  • 24 packs in one package
  • 6 different flavors for different taste and pleasure
  • Lubricated for more stimulation and enjoyment
  • Great for oral as well as vaginal sex


  • More lubrication would have been nice
  • Average sizing may be uncomfortable for larger penises

Best Feeling Condoms: Durex Condom Real Feel Non-Latex Condoms

Best Feeling Condoms

Rounding off our list and review of the best condoms is the Durex Condom Real Feel Non-Latex Condoms. This ultra-thin condom from one of the world’s best brand of condoms is great for the natural skin-to-skin feeling and is the closest you can get to feeling natural. While many other condoms may make you feel like you really have a raincoat on, the Durex Condom Real Feel Non-Latex Condoms goes the extreme to give you the natural feeling that is often compromised in most other condoms.

The polyisoprene latex-free condom is strong, flexible and reliable. It is lubricated and has a pleasant smell. The shape also makes it easy to wear and use. If you really need the best feeling condoms for great pleasure, the Durex Condom Real Feel Non-Latex Condoms is arguably the best condom for this.


  • Ultra-thin size for a natural skin-to-skin feel
  • Lubricated to enhance stimulation and pleasure
  • Scented to reduce the rubber smell of most non-latex condoms
  • Can be worn and used easily


  • The only issue is the size, they’d not properly fit if you are on the much larger side

Best Condoms for Sensitive Skin

A lot of people are sensitive to latex and so would usually need the best non-latex condoms to ensure that their skin sensitivity would not always ruin the fun whenever the moment comes. For men, the LifeStyles SKYN Selection Condoms reviewed above as well as the Durex Condom Real Feel Non-Latex Condoms are some of the best condoms for sensitive skin for men who are sensitive to latex.

For women, the FC2 Female Condom is the best non-latex female condom that will easily and successfully work for ladies with sensitive skin.


Whether you’re simply looking for the best condoms for her or just a look around for the best condom for him, the review above along with this guide has provided all you need to make your selection easier and perfectly right.


The importance of the best condoms for sexual activities cannot be overwhelmed. These would not only help with preventing unwanted pregnancies but also guard against infections and STIs. For whatever needs and conditions, you can choose from the best condoms reviewed above to provide you the needed protection while still offering you maximum pleasure to go along with the fun.

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