What is the best lube for anal sex?

Are you a man who wants to explore and find the best lube for anal sex? Are you already running out of ideas to keep the pleasure going on?  Worry no more because you can satisfy oneself or your partner by looking for a tool that can make sex more exciting.  You can assure that when you find the one that will fit your needs, everything will never be the same again. It is proven and tested by a lot of people who are keen to improve their sex lives. The good thing about it is there is no danger at all.  Unfortunately, choosing the best lubricants for you is not that easy.  You have to test each one of these for effective results before you can choose. Thus, we created a guide for you to find what lube will fit your personal needs.

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Water based, oil based and silicone based lubricants are personal lubricants that will make satisfaction guarantee.  You can expect different results from each of these but that will depend on what needs you have.  They possess unique properties. Water based lubricants are preferably used for vaginal sex and silicone based lubricants are good for anal sex.

Among the most common and much known natural water based lubricant is Passion Lubes. This lubricant is recommended for masturbating or having sex with a partner.  This bottle is easy to use because of its shape which makes it more convenient.  It has the right quality or consistency since it‘s not thick nor slippery.

“I am so happy and because I do not want to run out of this product I am willing to buy more.  I never felt good until I tried this!”

Top Rated Best Anal Lube Reviews

1. Wet Lubes Wet Platinum Premium Silicone Lube

Wet Lubes Wet Platinum Premium Silicone Lube review

This particular silicone-based formula is non-desensitizing yet comes with all the benefits of the silicone lube.

The velvety feel combined with high-grade silicone products makes this the must-try lube. This allergies formula is perfect for individuals with delicate skin. It even simply leaves a skin moisturizing high quality after the party has ended.

Keep in mind that become sticky and it doesn’t need a smell. It is among the slickest lube and it continues the whole time! No need to re-apply.. Latex-friendly but still safe to use upon bare skin.

Like Pjur’s bottle, Wet’s bottle incurs similar troubles with slipperiness as well as more-than-occasional leaks.

2. Swiss Navy Silicone Personal Lubricant

Swiss Navy Silicone Personal Lubricant review

This is a long lasting lubrication which gives the consumer a smooth velvety, smooth feel that is ideal for anal sexual intercourse. It is made of the highest quality of silicone in the market.

Very low secured cap design which “locks”, preventing leakage or even spillage when kept within bags. It is tasteless as well as odorless, suitable for those delicate to scents. Can also work as a massage oil with regard to better sensation

It may be to be able to wash off and may even trigger irritation to your skin unless you wash yourself off correctly after use.

3. System Jo Anal Water Based Lubricant

System Jo Anal Water Based Lubricant

Jo Anal H2O lives up to the liquid name by being an easy water-based lube that is designed for anal intercourse. Created with pharmaceutic grade ingredients this lubrication resists getting too gooey while keeping things slick far longer than the majority of traditional water-based lubes.
Not only is it odorless and fragrance-free, this particular lube is also tasteless, which means you can have your cake as well as eat it too.
This easily washes off and also cleans up once play is over and has the perfect regularity for a great anal lubricant.
Although the consistency is great this gets used up quickly and desires frequent replenishing. Jo Perineal H2O may be a water-based method but cleanup requires water and soap to remove the lube along with any sticky residue that leaves behind.
On that exact same note avoid spills because they need to be cleaned immediately, which could really put a damper on the night. It gets gross quickly. It can also leave the sticky residue on areas and fabrics that is to be able to clean.

4. Doc Johnson Rear Entry Desensitising Anal Lube

Doc Johnson Rear Entry Anal Lube review

This kind of lube is perfect for those that have identified anal sex difficult or may be painful in the past as it gives a numbing affect.

The high-strength 7. 5 per cent relevant anesthetic benzocaine formula unwinds and numbs the area on which it is applied to provide convenient and enjoyable anal participate in.

5. Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide

Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide

The actual name of this anal lubrication sounds slippery. Pjur Backdoor Relaxing Anal Glide is really a silicone-based desensitizing anal lubrication with some all-natural jojoba essential oil thrown in for maximum slip and comfort.

This medical-grade formula is great for anal sexual intercourse no matter what your experience degree with backdoor fun [It is highly rated among homosexual men, that’s why occasionally it’s called anal Lube].

6. Maximus Anal Lubricant

Maximus Personal Lubricant

This really is one of the best-selling anal lubricants and is essential for anal perform. It’s from the makers of Fluid Silk and it’s a crystal clear, water-based, non-glycerin lube.

The stand out point is the high glycerin content, that retains and naturally occurring dampness and makes the lube keep going longer.

7. Fifty Shades of Grey At Ease Anal Lubricant

Fifty Shades of Grey At Ease Anal Lubricant review

Fifty Shades of Grey has switched many couples on to anal sex so it only is sensible that they bring out a lubrication perfect for anal.

The method is thicker than regular lubes and includes calming qualities such as aloe vera for pleasurable anal experience.


The are some of the best lubricants out there to be considered to entice your own personal anal sex.

If you are using some sort of condom for anal sexual, use either Silicone or maybe Water based lubes. If you utilize any toys, go for Normal water based lubes.

With said, you will be able to decide and have one that suits you most among the list of Top Rated Best Anal lube. If you have any question, advice or something to reply to, please use the comment container below. We will reply an individual in a very good manner. Thank you and have a good anal fun-filled sex time.


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