Best Flavored Lube for Sex: Detailed Review & Buying Guide

Have you been searching for the best flavored lubricant on the market for kinky and tantalizing sex? Want to know which of the best flavored lube can be used to spice up your sexual life for those long and sweet moments? Relax as we’ve got your back. Right here are some of the best flavored lube for oral sex as well as for other types and forms of sexual encounters.

Recommending top 10 flavored Lube:

PictureName TypePrice Rating
Aloe Cadabra Natural Flavored Water BasedCheck Price4.2
Astroglide Strawberry Liquid Water BasedCheck Price4.1
Passion Lubes Passion Licks Water BasedCheck Price3.9
Doc Johnson GoodHead Water BasedCheck Price3.8
JO H2O Flavored Water BasedCheck Price4.2
Rain Personal Lubricants Water BasedCheck Price3.6
Shibari Kiwi Water-basedCheck Price3.3
Sliquid Swirl Flavored Water BasedCheck Price3.4
Master Series Jizz Water BasedCheck Price3.8
Classic Erotica Water BasedCheck Price4.1

Top 5 Best Flavored Lubes Recommendations

After weighing all of the options, here are our top five picks for the best flavored lubes for oral sex as well as vaginal penetrations and masturbation.

Classic Erotica Crazy Girl Oral Sex Gel Cotton Candy

Best Flavored Lubes

Top of our list is the Classic Erotica Crazy Girl Oral Sex Gel which to us is one of the best flavored lubes available in the market right now. The Classic Erotica Crazy Girl Oral Sex Gel has got a flavor enhancement to make oral sex pleasurable. The lube has been known and praised for its ability to increase vagina arousal and its compatibility with a lot of people due to its use of fewer chemicals when compared with many others. The lube is gluten-free and does not contain heavy chemicals. It tastes like cotton candy and has got this sweet taste to kill the awful smell many people have to deal with during oral or vaginal sex.


  • Cotton-candy flavor smells good
  • No paraben and gluten
  • Slippery, slick but non-sticky
  • Discreet packaging
  • The 3.2-ounce bottle lasts for a long time
  • Water-based condom friendly to condom use


  • The cap has no seal
  • You may need to reapply during sex for proper lubrication

Astroglide Strawberry Liquid, Water Based Personal Lubricant

Astroglide Strawberry Liquid

The Astroglide Strawberry Liquid, Water Based Personal Lubricant is another premium lube that makes this review of the best flavored lubes for sex. This lube is the choice of lovers all over the world who love its strong strawberry flavor which provides a smooth feeling that has come to be known with all Astroglide lubes.

The water-based lube is grease-free and will perfectly enhance your comfort and pleasure during the heat of the fun.

It is designed to perfectly soothe the taste buds while killing off awful odors that may ruin the fun of the moment.


  • Pleasant strawberry taste great for oral sex
  • Slick and slippery for perfect lubrication
  • Can be used with latex condoms


  • Needs to be reapplied during sex as it may get dried since it is water-based

Passion Lubes Passion Licks Strawberry Water Based Flavored Lubricant

Passion Lubes Passion Licks Strawberry Water Based Flavored Lubricant

The Passion Lubes Passion Licks Strawberry Water Based Flavored Lubricant another excellent and amazing lube that can spice up your lovemaking sessions. One of the problems that most people face with flavored lubes is skin sensitivity due to the use of too many chemicals. The Passion Lubes Passion Licks Strawberry Water Based Flavored Lubricant has been carefully crafted and flavored to provide a strawberry-like flavor. This is despite the absence of artificial sweeteners and sugars. The 8oz bottle contains one of the best flavored lube and will easily blend into and spice up those sweet sessions of heated passions.


  • Does not contain artificial sweeteners or sugars
  • It is non-staining and water-based
  • Suitable for use with latex condoms and silicone toys
  • Super-slippery and slick for excellent lubrication
  • Strawberry flavor to enhance the smell and taste of sex


  • It may get tacky after a while and so you’ll need to reapply

Doc Johnson GoodHead – Oral Delight Gel

Doc Johnson GoodHead - Oral Delight Gel

The Doc Johnson GoodHead – Oral Delight Gel comes across as one of the best flavored lubes in the market currently. It is special and unique in its own way. The lube comes packaged in five different 1oz bottles with different flavors. There are the cherry, mint, cinnamon, passion fruit and strawberry flavor in the package. The gel is proudly manufactured in the USA and has been specially formulated to numb your mouth while still greatly heightening and arousing sexual feelings. This Doc Johnson GoodHead – Oral Delight Gel is the perfect lube to enjoy oral and vaginal sex to the maximum.


  • Comes in five different flavors
  • Super slick and slippery lubrication
  • Edible and suitable for perfect oral


  • It may get sticky especially if you used large amounts of the gel

JO H2O Flavored Strawberry Lube

The JO H2O Flavored Strawberry sex lube rounds off our review of the best flavored sex lube for amazing and hitch-free oral and vaginal sex. If you have previously had issues with sticky and tacky lubes, the JO H2O Flavored Strawberry comes across as silky smooth with buttery glide supplements for natural lubrication.

The lube can be easily used with latex condoms and silicone toys as it is water-based. It is formulated with plant-based natural ingredients with sweet-smelling flavors that help keep the fun going sweet and pleasurable.


  • Made from natural ingredients
  • Can be used with latex condoms and sex toys
  • Does not stain or get tacky
  • Flavored for sweet oral sex and others


  • Can spill off if bumped against anything as the cap is not that tightened to the bottle


Choose from among the best flavored lubes reviewed in here for the best of pleasure and enjoyment with oral sex and much more. The JO H2O Flavored Strawberry Lube, as well as the Classic Erotica Crazy Girl Oral Sex Gel, are both great as well as the other three lubes that made our top five list. This will give you the sweetness and pleasure you’ve always longed for.

Why You Should Need the Best Flavored Lube

Oral sex is great and can be so pleasurable for intimacy and fun. While many of us love this romantic sexual activity, many people can also find it uncomfortable after a while. This is because some may find it to be stinky or something like that. This is where the best flavored lubes come in. These sex lubricants have been specially flavored to enhance the odor and taste of the private body parts involved in oral sex. They are also great for vaginal sex as well as anal and other forms. These lubricants are the bomb and the only people who may find them a little problematic are those people with really sensitive skin.

Best Flavored Lubes
System JO Images

How to Choose the Best Flavored Lube

There are certain guidelines to help you while shopping for the best flavored lubricant for sex right now. We’ll briefly list out a few things you should consider when comparing brands and models of different lubricants to determine the best one for you.

What type of lube do you want?

Most of our readers as of now understand what the differences are between water-based lubes, silicone-based lubes and oil-based lubes. Depending on what you really want, you may choose a lube based on any of the above.

Do you have a sensitive skin?

While flavored lubes are great, they may cause a different sensation to people with sensitive skin. This is because of the flavors which have been used to enhance the taste and odor of the lubes. Do good to try it out on a portion of your skin before using it on your private parts.

Read our other review

System Jo Cherry Burst

A wide variety of System Jo flavors are available at the market but comparing to all of them System Jo Cherry Broke is the greatest. Pretty high volume of lubrication factor is present in Cherry Burst which makes its glory of the longest lasting lube. It also do not required to have repeated apply for a quite a while. This unique flavor lubricant be intense and also spot on with no visible aftertaste. Instead of a pump, System Jo Cherry Burst uses a flip top tube therefore it is required to have stashed in the upright situation other wise it may leak. >>View customer review here <<

Rain Personal Lubricants

In pick point of flavored lubricants list Rain Personal Lubricants holds the first position at the chart. Its eight packs associated with assorted flavors gives users a fair chance to different. Having the identical taste again and again, can turns things a bit boarding for the users. That why different flavor like chocolate, strawberry, lemon and also grape are different surprises that are include inside load up. Some users also recommend that Rain Personal Lubricants types are usually strong and taste actually just like the fruits to which it’s named after. Rain Personal Lubes is longer lasting lube which required repeated applying during extended sexual pleasure. >>View customer review here <<

Astroglide Sensual Strawberry

Astroglide Sensual Strawberry flavor is a reduced crucial, but while using it users have the effect of which they actually taste a fresh  strawberry not a chocolate similar to flavor at all. Like all the Astroglide lubes , Delicate Strawberry is also pH well-balanced and also petroleum cost-free which actually showcase genital well being and eliminate all the chances that can cause yeast infections. >>View customer review here <<

Doc Johnson Good Head

Doc Johnson Good Head lubes is a distinctive line of items. Users gets the options of buying it in single tubes or in a variety packs. It offers aslight numbing for that throat plus a heating up discomfort on the clitoris. The variety pack is the best offer for the users. Some users also find that cinnamon quality affords the maximum degree of numbing and warming where as the mint flavour comes in an end subsequent. >>View customer review here <<

Wet Lubes

Several flavors of Wet lubes are available at the market. Among the different flavors according to users top two flavors are Strawberry and Kiwi-Strawberry flavors. Some users also recommended that both of these two flavors taste like taste the stay connected with chewing gum. Some also say the Strawberry flavor of wet lubes tastes just like candy. But the most amazing part of these two flavors is that both of them affix a mild that actually moderate the increased temperatures experience to boost up foreplay a lot more. Users of flavored lubes must put one thing in their thoughts that flavored lubes are water based so it does not last longer like the neo edible plastic dependent lubes. But it is definite that after trying any of the flavored lubes from the list one will certainly employ a brand new favorite for you to participate in with again and again. >>View customer review here <<


For the best experience with oral sex, flavored lubes are needed especially by people who may find the smell not really okay. The lubes will spice up the moment with their flavors while also providing enough lubrication. If you ever need the best of this, you could easily choose from any of the lubes reviewed above for the best sexual encounters.

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