Warming Lube or Cooling Lube: A Brief Overview

Sex lubricants are great for a wide variety of uses. For people who experience pain or discomfort during sex, the lubes could be a blissful addition to your list of sex gadgets and products. Lubes have been around for a while and they come in different forms. They are either of water-based, silicone-based, or oil-based forms. Lubes also come with special enhancements at times such as flavors, warmth, cool or more special additions. More importantly is the amazing warmth and cooling we see in lubes nowadays. These are amazing enhancements as customers are often caught between choosing either warming lube or cooling lube.

In this short article, we’ll seek to establish the similarities and differences that exist between both of these types of lube to help consumers make the right decision on whether they’d go for a warming lube or cooling lube.

Warming Lube or Cooling Lube

Warming Lubes: A Brief Overview

Warming lubes are some kind of sex lubricants that have been treated with special additives and ingredients to create special warm sensation which is synonymous with the heat generated when sexual encounters become heated and erotic. These warm lubes are not in themselves warm but are designed to make the body experience a kind of warmth and heat which many consumers have found to be both pleasurable and spicy.

Different formulations are used in the production of warming lubes and the most commonly used ingredients include propylene glycol and capsaicin. These two are the most commonly-used ingredients and are known to be responsible for the warmth generated by warming lubes. K-Y Warming Jelly and Ocean Sensuals [G] Natural Female Stimulating Gel and Personal Lubricant are two of the world’s best warming lubes. Other equally great examples are Wet Fun Water-Based Lubricant and I-D Moments Warming Water Based Lubricant, 6.4-Ounce Bottle.


Cooling Lubes: A Brief Overview

Next in our examination of the decision-making considerations in choosing either warming lube or cooling lube is a clear but brief look at cooling lubes themselves. The cooling lubes are also, oftentimes referred to as tingling lubes and are specially designed to create a cold sensation. The active ingredient responsible for this cold sensation is mostly menthol or mint.

These cooling lubes, unlike their warm counterparts leave a cool after-effect on the skin after the sexual encounter. As great as these feelings could be, there are a few things that people should take note of when looking to get either warming lube or cooling lube.


After-effect of Warming Lube or Cooling Lube

The first thing you may want to consider before buying your warming lube or cooling lube is to know how sensitive your skin is to the lube of your choice. Because companies are always looking to outperform themselves, there are always different formulations used in different brands to create the particular warm or cool sensation. However, for some people, many of these ingredients may induce sensitive response and allergies which may come in form of a burning sensation, itching or in some different other forms.  It will be wise however to try out the lube on a part of your bodies such as the hands or others before applying same to the more delicate areas of the genital regions.

Another thing you may have to consider is whether the condom will fit into your use. Take for instance if you’d be using sex toys, you’ll have to be really careful with using silicone-based lubes as these will degrade the surface of silicone sex toys making them gummy and gross. Water-based lubes also do not fit properly for bathroom or shower sex as they’ll be watched off by water. Oil-based condoms too should not be used with latex condoms as they’ll eventually make them porous, increasing the risks of STIs as well as pregnancy.

Whatever choice you end up making, whether you choose to go with warming lube or cooling lube, both are great and these sensations may even help people struggling with orgasms. You’ll get more pleasure although reception and effect vary among individuals. Some love these sensations while some do not.

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