Should I Make Use Olive Oil As Lube?

Can I Use Olive Oil As Lube?

Lubricants play a big role in spicing up sexual life of many people. They help to minimize friction during the intercourse hence making it to be more enjoyable and fulfilling. Lubes also play an important role in enhancing anal sex and makes it less uncomfortable. A number of vegetable oils are used as sex lubricants and one of the most popular ones is Olive oil. The safety of the product is one of the issues that many people consider when selecting a lube and Olive oil takes care of it. There are different types of Olive oils that are used as lubes.

Review of the 3 olive oil as lube

Colavita Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Virgin Olive Oil Colavita Olive Oil is a product of a family-owned company that has been known to give amazing results when used as a vegetable oil. Some of the features that make it unique is that it has more monounsaturated fat as compared to any other oil. The oil is more natural as it is directly squeezed from the fruit of Olive oil in its original state.>>>>Click here to see customer’s reviews & Pricing<<<<


• It is directly imported from Italy. The Olives are harvested from the best grooves in Europe.

• The oil bears all the necessary health and safety certifications.

• It has fresh and fruity smell which is pleasant.

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Badia extra virgin Olive oilBadia Olive Oil

The Olive oil traces its source from the finest Olive groove in Spain. The oil is naturally extracted from the first cold press. It’s best known for its sweet aroma and nice taste.>>>>Click here to see customer’s reviews & Pricing<<<<


• It is pure and natural.

• Obtained from high quality grooves in Spain.

• Has an excellent taste and a pleasing aroma.

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Kirkland Signature Extra Virgin Oil

Olive Oil as lube

The oil traces its origin in Italy. As the name suggests, it is natural and has a nice smell. >>>>Click here to see customer’s reviews & Pricing<<<<

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Pros of using Olive oil as lube

As a lubricant, there are a number of benefits that one can derive from using it.

• Not soluble in water

The lubricant does not dissolve in water like many other lubricants. This makes it to have a longer lasting effect while using it. You only require a few drops to last you several hours. In addition to not being soluble, it is not greasy.

• Has a relaxing property

Olive oil helps to relax the female genital hence enhancing the sexual enjoyment. It makes the muscles to be softer . This has been testified by a number of users.

• No pH scale

Unlike other lubricants, Olive oil does not have a pH scale. This means that it does not change the pH levels in the vagina. By the fact that it does not have pH scale means that it does not cause yeast infection in the vagina.


Despite of Olive oil being considered as a natural perfect lube, there are a number of drawbacks that one can experience from using it.

• Difficult to clean

Being insoluble in water makes it tough to do a cleanup. It is worse when it stains sheets, and clothes.

• Unpleasant Odor

Olive oil can give out unpleasant smell when it gets rancid.

• Allergic

Some people develop allergic reactions when they use this oil.

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