Can I Use Coconut Oil for Sex as a Lubricant?

Ever wondered about trying coconut oil for sex?

You’re not alone. Coconut oil has been gaining in popularity for its multitudinous uses and benefits. Many consumers swear by it for cooking, health, hair and skin care, and many people even enjoy adding it to their coffee!

We also found that one of coconut oil’s most popular uses is as a massage oil and lubricant.(coconut oil for sex)

We looked at three organic coconut oil products available from to see what people are saying about the use of this versatile, wholesome ingredient in the bedroom. We only looked at products labeled as “organic” because this is a top priority for people when they buy all manner of products, but especially for those they consume or apply to their bodies.

Here’s what we found:

Coconut Oil Organic Raw Extra Virgin by Present Health 24 Ounce

Coconut Oil OrganicMany reviewers of this product are pleased that it comes in a large glass container, as opposed to plastic. They attest that the glass keeps the oil fresher, longer.

This product received many positive reviews for its smell and taste.

Although few reviewers specifically mention its use for sex, many express pleasure with this oil’s use as a massage aid and body lotion.>>>>Click here to see customer’s reviews & Pricing<<<<

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Carrington Farms Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil 54 Ounce

Carrington Farms Organic Extra Virgin Coconut OilWhile some customers are not pleased with its plastic container, there are quite a few reviewers that were very happy with the value of a whopping 54 ounces of oil for around $20.

This product also has many customers who love its smell and taste.

One reviewer not only recommends this product for sex, but also relates that it doesn’t seem to degrade silicone sex toys and condoms as is often the case with oils.>>>>Click here to see customer’s reviews & Pricing<<<<

Cocolube Organic Natural Coconut Based Lubricant 7.2 Ounce

Cocolube Organic Natural Coconut Based LubricantWhile this product had the fewest customer reviews, it also had the highest percentage of negative reviews. Most complaints were about product and packaging quality, and several call out the manufacturer for simply repackaging and rebranding what is still your standard coconut oil.

While all three products we reviewed had some complaints about package leakage and/or product spoilage, Cocolube’s reviews indicate more instances of these issues than the others.>>>>Click here to see customer’s reviews & Pricing<<<<

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Our takeaway for all three products boils down to the following main observations:

Present Health’s Coconut Oil

Best packaging for quality and shelf-life, but expensive at almost double the unit price of Carrington Farms.


Carrington Farms Coconut Oil

Best value by far, most popular of the three, cheaper (plastic) container.


Cocolube Coconut Based Lubricant

At around 2 dollars/ounce and with poor quality reviews, this product seems to be trying to capitalize on unwitting consumers who don’t do their research.


The bottom line? Coconut oil is a popular and delicious, sweet-smelling addition to many people’s sex lives. If you haven’t yet tried it, you may be pleasantly surprised. And with so many other helpful applications, what’s not to love?

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