Best Warming Lubes reviewed of 2023

Best Warming Lube

For lovers of good things, sex happens to be one of the sweetest things on this paradise we live on. It becomes sweeter when you find the right lube to ease the tension and enhance the pleasure. Whether water-based, silicone-based or oil-based, for some there is nothing like finding that particular best warming lube to … Read more

Warming Lube or Cooling Lube: A Brief Overview

Warming Lube or Cooling Lube

Sex lubricants are great for a wide variety of uses. For people who experience pain or discomfort during sex, the lubes could be a blissful addition to your list of sex gadgets and products. Lubes have been around for a while and they come in different forms. They are either of water-based, silicone-based, or oil-based … Read more

How to choose Best Lube for Masturbation

Best Lube for Masturbation

Call it what you like, many choose to call it jerking off, whacking the rooster, we simply call it what it is, masturbation. That tingling feeling of pleasure and excitement that arises from self-pleasure whether with your hands, your fingers or those sex toys. This is a fun experience but so should you understand the … Read more