How to Spice Up Women Orgasms

It’s unfortunate that many women of today still aren’t getting that orgasmic euphoria that should normally be present in their sexual encounters. This is down to the fact that women’s orgasm is more complicated and requires more attention to details when compared with male orgasm which in most part is majorly mechanical. In this article, we’ll explore how to spice up women’s orgasms to bring about that euphoric feeling of happiness and satisfaction that will make them want to come for more literally.

Women’s orgasm: the basics surrounding female orgasm

In the distant past, most discussions and contributions concerning women orgasms are often dismissed as myth and fantasies and it is quite incredible that some medical practitioners of the 70s even hold this belief. It is now clearer today, that women’s orgasm is really real and if a female wills, they can achieve orgasm, even more than a single time.

The major issue, however, is that most women do not readily or quickly reach that tipping point, unlike men. To reach there requires a lot to be right as well as proper knowledge and understanding on the part of both partners. We’ll be discussing tips on how to spice up women orgasms in the next part of this article so she’ll be able to get to dreamland on most occasions.

Women Orgasms

Tips on How to Spice Up Women’s Orgasms

Female orgasms require a bit of learning and can actually be achieved multiple times, a feat that is hard to repeat in male orgasms. Women though need more than the mechanical thing and the tips below will help with turning fantasies into real orgasms.

The Atmosphere Should Be Right

We said the woman needs more than just sex. The atmosphere has to be just right. The surroundings should be pleasant and comfortable. A romantic atmosphere and a partner they really like are a great recipe for sweet orgasms and pleasure. Women love the feeling of being wanted and if most of these are lacking in the atmosphere, then the foundation on which to build may just as well be not strong enough for what should follow.


A Good flow of Lubrication

As the body heats up and the moment gets more intense, it is necessary that there should be a good flow of lubrication. The natural body lubrication such as the natural vaginal secretion will help to ensure that the delicate parts don’t get sore. A specially made lubrication such as the Passion Lubes or the Isabel Fay Natural Intimate Lube is both designed in a way to boost female stimulation and can also help in this case for proper lubrication.


A Skilled Partner to Stimulate the Clit

While some women are able to reach cloud nine easily with sexual intercourse, some are not also able to do this. For many women, a skilled partner with patience, understanding, and knowledge of the female body and orgasm is a requisite. Some women need stimulation in different sensitive parts of their body chiefly among which are the clitoris, the breast or nipples as well as some other parts.


You may as well try to use new toys, get in deeper and tease her in the midst of all the action. Stimulation of the sensitive parts such as the clit in the right atmosphere with a decent flow of lubrication can help women climax and achieve orgasm. Try out the above and you’ll no longer have to worry about how to spice up women’s orgasm as she’ll be more likely to reach the climax back and forth on many occasions.

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