How To Buy The Best Lube For Couples On A Shoestring Budget

Lubes are generally a great stuff for great sex for couples. Although most people would expect the woman to be wet when sexually aroused, sometimes, this may not be the case as stress and some other conditions can prevent proper wetness of the vagina for fun and exciting sex. The best lube for couples comes in to play very important roles in these cases. It is also generally believed that sex with lubricants is generally great for both partners as it offers easier penetration and has also been shown to enhance orgasm in different ways for both the male and female partners.

Our Top Pick: Wet Platinum Silicone Based Lubricant 

Why You Should Need the Best Sex Lubes for Couples

The best sex lubricants for sex could be very useful for couples in several areas. Apart from acting as lubricants that make penile penetration easier, the best sex lubricants are also useful for different types of sexual activities. There are those that work best with toys for masturbation.

Best Lube for Couples

There are also those with desensitizing features that can enhance endurance in men with premature ejaculation. Generally, these lubricants have been found to be great for the couples’ intimate sessions and once you find your right pick, you may never want to have sex without them again.


How to choose the best lubricants for sex

This boils down to knowing the basics. Sex lubricants are either water-based, silicone-based, or oil-based. Let’s briefly discuss each to get their benefits and drawbacks.


Water-based Lubricants

The main ingredient in this type of lubes is water and so it is soothing and suitable for most people with allergies. It can be virtually used for all types of sexual encounters including toys and it is easy to clean from the sheets and the genitals. The only problem with water-based lubricants is that they dry off quickly and are not suitable for shower or bath sex since they’ll be easily washed away.


Silicone-based Lubricants

The active ingredient in these lubes is silicone. They are hypoallergenic and has a special silky feel. Silicone lubes are super-slippery and you won’t need to reapply them often. They are the best sex lubes for couples in the shower or bath as they go well with water. The only issue is that they are not friendly to silicone toys as they’ll usually break down the toy’s surface making the toys appear gummy or gross.


Oil-based Lubricants

Oil lubes are great and you can easily find them in your kitchen. Talk about coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba and the likes. Although they’ll work fine, there may be some safety concerns. Oil-based lubes would often make condoms porous which could lead to breakage, pregnancy and STI risks. They are also hard to clean from sheets and clothing.


Avoid Synthetic Oil or Petroleum Products

Vaseline and the likes are not a healthy choice of lubricant. They often get super-sticky and may ruin the sexual encounter. The greater risk is the possibility of these products to abhor bacterial and microbial growth since these petroleum products are not water-soluble.


5 Best Lube for Couples Reviews

We made an assessment of the best lubricants for sex and our results from our own analysis and the opinions of other experts about the most popular names are outlined below. These results have been arrived at after careful examination of the health, ease, benefits, and fun that could come from some of these sex lubricants which to us are the best in the market right now.

1. Wet Platinum Silicone-Based Lubricant: Best Silicone-Based Lube for Couple

Best Silicone-Based Lube for Couple

Name: Wet Platinum Silicone Based Lubricant Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


The Wet Platinum Silicone-based lubricant is one of the best lubes for couples. It is a favorite of many a happy couple as the premium-grade silicone in use is super slippery which makes sliding in very easy and nice. The Wet Platinum is great for vaginal sex and is free from allergenic substances such as paraben.  It is great for sex in the bath or shower and you won’t be interrupted in the heat of the moment to reapply over and over again.


  • Great for vaginal sex
  • Devoid of allergens
  • Can be used in showers or bath
  • Slippery and long-lasting
  • Can be used with plastic or metal toys
  • Affordable for incredible love sessions


  • It is not friendly to silicone toys
2. Passion Lubes Natural: Best Water-based Lube for Couples

Best Water-based Lube for Couples

Name: Passion Lubes Natural Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)


For couples who want the best sex lubricants for all-around sex, this small 16-ounce fluid bottle of Passion Lubes will unleash several hours of passionate and erotic sex with its easy glide and all-around nature. Whether you’d be having vaginal sex, masturbation with toys of silicone or other makes, this water-based lubricant is great and perfect for all. The Passion Lubes Natural Water-based Lubricant is devoid of glycerin, paraben, petroleum and other harmful constituents.


  • The lube works for all types of sex
  • Compatible with all types of sex toys
  • The bottle is spill-proof and the pump is easy to use
  • Does not contain allergens and can be easily cleaned


  • Not good for bath or shower sex
  • May dry off after a while
3. Coconu Organic Lubricant: Best Oil-based Lube for Couples

Best Oil-based Lube for Couples

Name: Coconu Organic Lubricant Our Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


For couples who would prefer oil-based lubes, the Coconu Organic Lubricant is one of the best you can get for long-lasting comfort and ease. It is 100% edible making it a great choice as well for oral sex. The Coconu is also great for vaginal penetrations and masturbation. It is made from organic constituents and is free from alcohol, petroleum, paraben, gluten, fragrances, and dyes, making it suitable for people with high skin sensitivity and allergies.


  • Great for oral sex
  • Long-lasting with no need for reapplying
  • Free from allergen-sensitive ingredients


  • Not to be used with condoms as they could risk breakage
4. Aloe Cadabra Lube: Best Sex Lube for Oral Sex

Best Sex Lube for Oral Sex

Name: Aloe Cadabra Lube Our Rating: 4.2 out of 5 stars (4.2 / 5)


The Aloe Cadabra lubricant is enriched with organic Aloe Vera gel and Vitamin E oil to form an edible water-based lubricant for great fun and intimacy for couples and lovers. The lube is great for sensitive skin and does not contain either of glycerin, paraben or the petroleum products. It is toy-friendly and does not degrade silicone toys and others.


  • 100% Vegan and Edible for oral sex
  • Can be used with latex and polyisoprene condoms
  • Compatible with toys and great for vaginal penetration
  • Natural ingredients for balanced pH and sensitive skin


  • Cannot be used in bath or shower
  • You may need to reapply after a while since it is water-based
5. Astroglide Water-based Lube

Name: Astroglide Liquid Our Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars (4.5 / 5)


The Astroglide water-based lube is another one of the best lube for couples and it is no doubts shared by lovers around the globe for its easy glide and slide feel. The Astroglide is designed specially to mimic the natural body fluid and so it is one of the best sex lube we’ve seen to make sliding in so comfortable and easy.


  • Easy cleanup after use
  • Slick feel and long-lasting
  • Free from grease, petroleum, and allergens
  • Can be used with different types of latex condoms
  • Compatible with toys of all types


  • Cannot be used in bath or shower
  • You may need to reapply after some time


For the best silicone-based lube for couples, we recommend the Wet Platinum Silicone-Based Lubricant. The Passion Lubes takes our top spot as the best lube for couples who need water-based lubricants. The Coconu is also a great oil-based lube for couples for long sessions of sliding and gliding.



We recommend these lubes as the best sex lube for couples who need this to enhance their sexual life. The benefits are awesome and you won’t realize what you’re missing unless you experience the feeling. Make your pick today and you can start enjoying a whole new experience whenever the heat is on.

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