A guide on the attributes of a good life-size doll

If you wanted to invest in the purchase of life size dolls, it is not the same as what is obtainable with the purchase of toys. With the science and development in sex dolls, it is possible to achieve more than a natural woman or man can deliver in terms of satisfying sex. 

Tall sex doll with muscle body.

When you go online for the purchase of one for the first time or you desired a better experience; then you must read through what we have below to achieve credible results that you are going to be proud of. 

The physique and specifications

It is important to come online with the mental attributes of the type of man or woman that will make your day as a sex companion. When you have an idea of what you wanted in attributes, you can now use this to browse through the websites online in your search for the ideal that will meet your expected specifications.

The choice of hair color and eye color that will bring the spark out of you can be chosen after you have decided on the physique that will make your adrenaline pop up. 


The budget is a strong factor that will determine how far or less you will go in your search for the best robot sex companion. When you are armed with your budget; exercise patience to browse through some of the sites to achieve the best at the amount you have in your pocket.

The recent global situation that forced many to stay at home has brought about an increase in the number of people looking for companionship at home. This has increased the interest in the production of life size dolls by various companies. If you carry out a thorough price survey among the best companies around; you are going to achieve credible discounts. The companies are fighting a war of price in other to attract customers. You can catch on to that to make an economic buy. 

Weight and height

There is a height that you fancied aside from the physique. Go for the height that will match your taste among the available dolls. It is important to also consider the weight of the doll if you are to get the right measure of satisfaction. If the height comes with a weight that you cannot handle, then you should make the necessary adjustment to your choice.

Your favorite sex position

Achieving the best benefits in sex with a doll will be determined by your favorite sex position. When you have sorted out issues bothering on height; weight and budget; it is important to choose the option that will give you the best sexual positioning that will give you maximum sexual satisfaction. 


 This is an important factor that you must consider if the thought of achieving the best returns on your investment is to be achieved. The texture on the skin must be very close to that obtainable with the skin of a lady. 

There are two types of materials available at the moment- TPE and silicon. The choice is yours to choose any among the two. Silicon is used for soft sex dolls. The TPE dolls can retain more warmth and give a more natural experience. It should not be allowed to get too hot. It is a cheaper option than silicone dolls. This doll can easily be stained.


If you wanted to invest in life size dolls and desire the best benefits; the tips above detail all that is required to achieve credit-worthy results that will give expected returns on investment.

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