What is the Best Sex Lube? Top 5 Review

Sex can have you screaming out either in pain or pleasure especially where lubrication is concerned. The importance of lube cannot be over-emphasized as it helps make sexual intercourse comfortable and pleasurable for all parties involved. However, some things such as stress, low hormone levels, medication or age can cause vaginal dryness, which is an unwelcome guest during sex. Investing in a good lube will let you enjoy sex more and won’t leave your partner guessing whether the “Oh God!” means give me more or stop and get off me immediately. The best sex lube should help get things sliding along, be latex compatible to avoid rupturing the condom and work well with your toys.

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Amazon brings us 5 of the best sex lube available in the market nicely combining pleasure with convenience.

Top 5 Best Sex Lube Reviews

Pre-Seed personal lubricant

Pre-Seed Personal Lubricant>>>>Click here to see customer’s reviews & Pricing<<<<

Pre-Seed personal lubricant starts us off with amazing reviews from customers. This lubricant is labeled as fertility-friendly helping create a convenient reproductive environment for those trying to get pregnant by mimicking a woman’s natural fluids and providing antioxidant sperm support. Trying to conceive can be frustrating and make sex mechanical making it hard to enjoy. This safe fertility-friendly lube is slippery and smooth and can be used even by women with sensitivity and has helped couples conceive with continued use. The applicators make it easy and effective for use but the lube should not be stored in an applicator longer than 30 minutes. Despite helping create optimal conditions for conception it should not be seen as a fertility treatment rather as a facilitator.



Passion Lubes

Passion Lubes>>>>Click here to see customer’s reviews & Pricing<<<<

Passion Lubes passion natural water-based lubricant has convenient written all over it from the large 32-ounce bottle with pump to its formula that is all-natural water. It washes off easily and is non-sticky but as with most water-based lubes it has to be reapplied every half hour or so but be thankful that your sessions extend that long, it’s a privilege many wish they could get. This is the only issue that users have but the quality and overall experience gets a thumbs-up.


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Ocean Sensuals [G]

Ocean Sensuals [G] Female Stimulating Gel>>>>Click here to see customer’s reviews & Pricing<<<<

Ocean Sensuals [G] receives rave reviews and is popular with the older crowd in particular. It heightens arousal, creating a tingling warming sensation resulting in stronger orgasms. This all-natural, colorless, odorless and tasteless lube comes in handy in spicing up things in the bedroom and a little goes a long way. The gel contains, Evening Primrose oil, L-arginine and niacin that increase blood flow and sensation and menthol that is responsible for the warming tingling effect or cooling effect after awhile. All in all it gets major pats on the back.



Astroglide Personal Lubricant>>>>Click here to see customer’s reviews & Pricing<<<<

Astroglide is a trusted name in the industry and Astroglide personal lubricant receives excellent feedback from users. The water-based, water soluble lube is safe for use with latex as well as being petroleum free to prevent any icky infections. The extra slick, long-lasting effects make it a favorite for many while the packaging makes it very inviting to the eye.


Shibari Intimate personal lubricant

Shibari Intimate Lubricant>>>>Click here to see customer’s reviews & Pricing<<<<

The final contestant on the list is Shibari Intimate personal lubricant that is perfect for sensitive skin. This water-based lube is latex and toys-compatible and has a slick sexy feel to it that most customers absolutely adore as well as being edible and cost-effective as a little goes a long way, so you cannot go wrong.


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