Choosing the best water based lube that work awesome: Top 5 List

The best water based lube consists of a combination of different attributes like comfortableness, longer lasting features, stain fabric free and simple clean up. Among the different water based lubricants available at the market there are very few that can meet all the required attributes. To speed up the search process of the best water based lube a list of five has been provided that met all of the criteria mentioned.

List of 5 best water based lube

Passion Lube Water based$$$$4.1
Bodywise LIQUID SILK Water based$$$4.9
Pink Water Water based$$$$4.5
ASTROGLIDE LUB Water based$$$4.2
Slippery Stuff- Silky Safe Longlasting Water based$$$$4.2


Slippery Stiff Gel:

Far Slippery Stuff Gel is the best water based lubricants the Slippery Stuff. Many Physician has been recommending this odor free unique formula for more than twenty years. This is a ultra light super silky formula which allows one to have intercourse without worrying about repeated applying.>>View customers reviews here <<

Passion Lubes:

Passion Lube is very light and super slippery water based lube which is totally glycerin and paraben free. This awesome lube is compatible with different sort of latex and also process easy clean up attributes. Passion Lubes required to be reapplied in the process of comprehensive sexual interaction or if one desires to have intercourse multiple times in a day.>>View customers reviews here<<


Liquid Silk:

Liquid Silk is a water and silicon based lube. This lube has the finest small portion of silicon which turns it to extra smooth lubrication. This ultra light formula is latex compatible and non tacky lubricants. Liquid Silk is free from bio static and glycerin which help users to prevent yeast infection. This odorless lubricant can be double as an body massage oil.>>View customers reviews here <<

Pink Water:

Pink Water is one of the top ranked personal lubricant available at the market. It is totally glycerin free enhanced with aloe. Pink Water is taste less, odor and pigment free personal lubricant. it is a light formula which is silky smooth. It also have the attributes of longer lasting sexual encounter. Pink Water is also companionable to latex condoms and toys. As a result one can enjoy any type of sexual interchange without having a repeated apply for multiple times.>>View customers reviews here <<


This petroleum free silky based formula is purely water based. Astroglide is a pH balanced which is odorless. It is one of the best lubricant available at the market which does not have a slight bittersweet taste. Since its starting in 1991 physicians Aarround the world has recommended Astroglide for short term relief of vaginal dryness.>>View customers reviews here <<

Choosing a right lubricant is subject of personal preference. Finding an more effective lubricant can result in frustration. To resolve user from facing such frustration this premium list will help them choosing the right product.

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