Gun Oil Silicone Based Personal Lubricant Review

gun oil silicone based personal lubricant review

Are you searching for a top lubricant you can use without irritation? Gun Oil Silicone Lubricant is one of the best lubricants you can find today. Aloe Vera and vitamin E are some of the ingredients used in the production of this lubricant to give you a smooth and non-irritating feeling.  Just like any silicone … Read more

Isabel Fay natural intimate personal lubricant for sensitive skin

isabel fay lubricant review

Isabel Fay lubricant is one of the best water based lubricants you can consider today. It is manufactured by an USA company and comes with 100% money back guarantee. Products that are manufactured from the USA are known to be of high quality because there are some requirement that must be fulfilled by the cosmetics … Read more

Lush Personal Lubricant Review

lush personal lubricant review

Are you one of those who prefer to use water-based lubricants during sex? They are the most common types of lubes and are usually preferred because they do not stain like other lubes. Apart from that, they are affordable and easy to use. These lubes are very good for your health since they do not … Read more

KY Jelly Personal Water Based Lubricant Review

ky jelly personal lubricant review

Are you searching for a lubricant that gives you maximum pleasure during sex? KY jelly is here for you. Sometimes you might end up buying a product because of the great things you have heard about it. This lubricant might be one of them. There are so many reasons that show that it is a … Read more