Lush Personal Lubricant Review

Are you one of those who prefer to use water-based lubricants during sex? They are the most common types of lubes and are usually preferred because they do not stain like other lubes. Apart from that, they are affordable and easy to use. These lubes are very good for your health since they do not contain harmful ingredients.  Speaking about water based lubricants and health, allow us to introduce Lust personal lubricants which is one of the best lubes on the market today. This lube is highly recommended by doctors and lasts longer than most of the lubricants you might have used before. Here is a detailed lush personal lubricant review on how the lubes feel like.
Lush Personal Lubricant Review

Name: Lush Personal Lubricant  Our Rating: 4.3 out of 5 stars (4.3 / 5)

Our impression

One of the most important things you should know about this product is that it lasts longer than most of the lubes. Water based lubes are known for drying fast but this is not the case with this lube.

It gives you a natural feeling just like any other water-based lube. This feeling can make you even forget that you have applied it. This naturalness is very important because it makes you comfortable during intercourse. It works perfect just like your body fluids.

Why is lush personal lubricant one of the most preferred?

There are many reasons as to why this lube is highly recommended by doctors.

One of the reasons is that it is unscented and free from flavors. Apart from that, it does not stain or cause irritation. Unscented lubes are a favorite to many because you will not be disturbed by any smell when making love. Lack of scent is critical because it means the lube does not have odor causing chemicals. If you enjoy oral sex with your partner, this might be the best for you.

Water based lubricants does not have staining and irritating properties. The lush personal lubricant is one of those lubes which do not stain your sheets or body. You can easily remove it with water.

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Another thing you should know about this lube is that it contains an anti-irritating formula which makes it a perfect choice for people with sensitive skin. Apart from that, it comes with a discreet packaging. This means you can place it anywhere and no one will know what it is.

The pump mechanism of this lube is also efficient. It is very convenient to those who do not like to pour out the lube from the bottle. However, you should be aware of how the pump works to avoid inconveniences. You can use just one pump of the lube for a long time.

Are you one of those who enjoy use of sex toys? Lush personal lubricants support different sex toys and condoms. This is because it does not have components that might destroy latex or sex toys.

Unlike some cheap lubricants available today, this water based sex lube is manufactured by a USA company and it is approved by FDA which gives assurance of its quality.

The bottle is also excellent and comes with a unique design to give it an identity among other lubricants.

Is lush personal lubricant ideal for oral sex?

This water based sex lube is one of the best for oral sex because it does not have flavors. This means it does not create any chemical reaction on your tongue.

Tips to consider when buying Lush personal lubricant

  • It should be kept away from children
  • It contains glycol which may cause irritation to people with sensitive skin.


  • It is long lasting
  • Approved by doctors
  • Ideal for use with sex toys and condoms
  • Pump action works well
  • Discrete packaging
  • Approved by FDA


  • Contains glycerin and glycol
  • Not ideal for blowjob due to taste

Wrap Up -Water based lubricants are some of the best lubes you can consider for sex. Lush is even better than most of the water based lubes since it is suitable for use with sex toys and all types of condoms. It is also approved by doctors which guarantee its quality.

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Final words

As we have seen from this lush personal lubricant review, the Lush personal lubricant is a unique product as compared to other water-based lubricants. It is odorless and does not contain any flavor. Apart from that, this water based sex lube does not stain and it s highly recommended by doctors. If you dislike water-based lubricants that are not thick enough, this one might be the best choice for you due to its texture. Most people like it because it lasts longer than other lubes in its category. Is this what you have been searching for? Shop it from Amazon now and you will never regret.

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