The top Love making Lube: benefits of coconut oil

The Best and Coolest things – Benefits of coconut oil as a Sexual Lubricant

I’m beginning one thing new. I’m reaching to be doing reviews of things I favor. The means i am going regarding shopping for most things is I pay a couple of hours researching and reading reviews, then obtain the items that square measure an honest cross between being cheap and dealing the right way. Some things aren’t as straightforward to gauge by reading online reviews, therefore then I attempt a bunch of various things in this class till I realize one thing that’s nice. The initial effort spent researching pays off as a result of then I typically find yourself with one thing that works well.


coconut oil

coconut oil

Before I begin this review, a giant disclaimer: Don’t use copra oil with latex condoms if you’re having intercourse. Oil-based lubes will break down latex condoms, creating them ineffective. Use water based lubes with latex condoms. Polymer condoms like Durex above or Trojan Avanti square measure okay with copra oil and alternative oil-based lubes (though I even have not tried either of those condoms and can’t vouch for them).

Okay, therefore copra oil. What’s this shit? It’s one in all the foremost versatile substances ever. You’ll use it in preparation (like rather than butter for baking), you’ll place a spoon in tea, you’ll use it as a massage oil or moisturizer, and best of all, you’ll use it as a fill up. Why it’s amazing: It’s natural, it’s not sticky, and it stays slick for an extended time, however not during a slippery, runny way, additional sort of a smooth/sensual means. Then, once you’re done, you don’t even need to wash it off, since it’s additional sort of a moisturizer than a sticky fill up.

Texture: It starts off as a solid, however, can quickly soften into a liquid from the heat of your hands. Below could be a video I created demonstrating this.

For guys: I’ve detected that copra oil is wonderful to stimulate to. Why? Compared to moisturizer: You don’t would like lots of it, therefore it doesn’t get untidy. It stays slick. Compared to hair conditioner: You don’t have to be compelled to be within the shower. You don’t have to be compelled to wash it off. Compared to Vaseline: It’s not thick and gunky and it’s not exhausting to scrub off if you are doing needs to scrub it off. Compared to actually fill up designed for sex: fill up is okay, however a number of it’s very nasty and sticky from what I’ve bumped into. Like I open a packet, apply, then I’m like fuck, currently I want to scrub my hands as a result of I desire I’ve simply finished creating a craft project. Buzz kill.

Other benefits: Since it starts off as a solid, you can, uh, dip your dick right into the jar to use if you don’t desire scooping it out together with your fingers (for obvious reasons, if you’re conjointly reaching to use copra oil for preparation, have a pair of separate jars). Also, it smells delicious.

For women: Glorious to use with fingers for an equivalent reasons – stays slick, non-messy cleanup, has the additional benefit of moisturizing your woman bits. Conjointly has several alternative uses, like as a toilet article substitute. It’ll get you a very squeaker on your legs. I’ve conjointly detected of individuals mistreatment it to require off make-up, however I haven’t tried that since Huggies Sensitive baby wipes work therefore well.

Where to buy: Some supermarkets have it. Whole Foods and alternative organic type stores undoubtedly have it. I got my 1st tub at Whole Foods then switched to Amazon as a result of it’s cheaper there. Either way, a bathtub ought to last you forever if you’re not mistreating it for alternative reasons like preparation.

So that’s it. Happy sexing/getting yourself off.

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