5 Best Silicone Lubricants to Buy

Silicone Lubricants are fast overtaking the markets. With more people looking to stimulate and increase bodily pleasure for sexual pleasure, skin moisturizing and body massages, there are thousands in which one can choose from. However to get the very best lubricants that have been rates with the best silicon lubricants reviews, here are the top 5

Passion Lubes, Premium Silicone Lubricant, 8 Fluid Ounce

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The passion lubes are no doubt one of the best reviewed silicone lubricants in the market. With outstanding features coming in spill proof bottles, it is one of the silicone lubes that has the ability to be used with silicon toys as most cannot can be damaged in the process. Still when it comes to how it works it is made to stay slick and smooth for easy gliding. Washing off is easy as a mild soap and water is all it takes with the passion lubes.


Pjur Original Silicone Based Body Glide Personal Lubricant Super Concentrated Luxuriously Smooth

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No doubt the list of 5 best silicon lubricants is the Pjur Original Silicone Based Body Glide Personal Lubricant. Mostly used for body massages, it is both odorless and tasteless and has the safest high quality ingredients to use. In addition the formula is both slick to touch and is also non sticky, thus best as a personal lubricant. However when it comes to sexual pleasure it is extremely compatible with both latex and condoms. With only a few drops needed at a time, the bottle is sure to last for months on end.


Shibari Intimate Lubricant – Silicone Based 8oz Lube Bottle

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Shibari intimate lubricants is usually mostly used for women’s health purposes. This arises as it is free from Paraben and thus bringing about comfort and richness to the body’s skin. With the highest grade of silicone used, high lubrication is achieved with just a few drops. Free from any irritating fragrances, everyone suffering from dry sensitive skin is catered for.


ID Velvet Silicone Lubricant, Waterproof

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In the list of 5 best silicone lubricants the ID velvet silicone is the smallest at 6.7 ounces as all others are 5 ounces. However with its advantages and features is no doubt cannot be let out. For all those seeking a fragrance yet velvety feel to touch, then this is ideal. By never giving stick or tacky properties, this German formula never dries out even when in use and is safe with both latex and rubber. The best part is that apart from aiding in sexual erotic fantasies, is it also works as a good skin conditioner and moisturizer which is basically two advantages in one.


Swiss navy premium Silicone Based Lubricant

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For silicon lubricants bending more on sexual side, the Swiss navy premium silicon lubricant is the ideal one to pick. Often reviewed as the highest silicon lubricant in the market, its condom capability is its outstanding feature. By giving extra lubrication, a long lasting velvety slippery feel is achieved. An additional feature that makes it different is its single hand pump, this way application is easy with one hand. Still when it comes to silicon toys safety is guaranteed within any process. However safety does not end there as even when ingested orally during intimacy, there is no danger health wise that can occur. Leaking is eliminated as with the leak proof patented locking pump, no oils spill.


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